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About Us:

I am a Civil engineer graduated from Pakistan. I want to create a plateform for engineers which help them in their future as an engineer.
In this blog you will find knowledge related to Civil engineering also you will find the books , softwares, notes , and the most important skills information for civil engineering. As i am Also a Civil engineer i want to create an enviroment of confidence that we can do every thing by developing skills in Civil engineers. We will inshAllah update regularly about Civil engineering news and also we will upload the method of attemping an interview. I will try to put some interview question most asked in interviews Also all the test of Civil engineering will be uploaded in text and video form.


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Issb preparation

Issb notes

Future officer
Every one of us want to become A military officer. And we know that ISSB is the platform for the selection of military officers We must pass this exam for selection. SO the below link contain All the test data which is helpful for the student appearing in the test. And also the most asked interview questions are present in these notes. SO share our website with your friends. for more help write your problems in comment section, click the below link
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Compaction test

Compaction tests:

Compaction is the process of  densification of soil particles by apply the external load

Mainly two test are done in the laboratory for the compaction test. Standard proctor test Modified proctor testStandard proctor test:As we know that the degree of compaction is measured in terms of dry density. And dry density depends upon moisture content. The dry density is maximum at the Optimum moisture content. So for this test a curve is drawn between dry density and water content. Because by drawing this curve we can obtain the maximum dry density and also the OMC.

Apparatus Required for the test:
Compaction mouldHammer 2.6kgCollor 60mmOvenDetachable base plateDessicatorSpatulaI.S seive, 4.75mmWeighting balanceCalculatorDimensions of Apparatus:The Proctor compaction mold and hammer is 101.6mm in diameter and 116.4mm in height. The inner volume is 944cm3. The height of fall of the hammer is 305mm

Procedure of the test:Take about 20kg of air-dried soil. Then Sieve it through 20mm …

what is consolidation and its solution?

Consolidation:The dissipation of pore water from the soil  due to long static load is called Consolidation in soil
condition: it occurs only in saturated clay.. in which with the passage of time the water expel out and the building get settlement In gravels and sand there is no phenomenon of consolidation because they have a very high permeability so there is no water in their pores..
For consolidation the saturated clay and long static load is required. Effects:Settlement of structures..Cracks in wall, foundation etcRead more topics
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